Kāleka Aloha Lā Māmā 2024 Free Download

Kāleka Aloha Lā Māmā 2024 Free Download

Aloha Lā Māmā to all the care takers out there! Enjoy these free downloadable kāleka, You can use the new 2024 kāleka or use the ones from the previous years (totally up to you) all are available for use. 



1) Click on the link (s) below to download document with Dropbox. (Download button should be in the upper right hand corner on a desktop or under the three dot (...) drop down on mobile view)

Aloha Lā Māmā kāleka 2024

Hauʻoli lā māmā kāleka 2020

Hauʻoli lā māmā flower inserts 2021

Hauʻolli lā māmā kāleka 2022


2) After downloading, print document using 8.5 x 11 printer paper or use any paper you want. Photo paper & card stock is great to use for the kāleka, while kraft paper is great to use for the flower inserts (2021).


3) Follow cutting instructions on document. For flower inserts, cut in half then cut slits above the text to create holes to insert your flowers (cut shorter slits for smaller amount of flowers, or longer slits for larger amount of flowers)


4) Write your messages on the inside and your done!

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